KinkMender Test Testimonial

07 May 2012 Categories: KinkMender Testimonials

This is a sample testimonial for the KinkMender product.

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JOHN H, FL – JANUARY 11, 2011

11 January 2011 Categories: CPAP HoseLift Testimonials

“This is a great system. I own three and this is the one I use all the time. I would have rated this 5 stars, except the plastic coupler between the base and the upright seems a little light weight and could break easily, we’ll see.”

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06 January 2011 Categories: CPAP HoseLift Testimonials

“Don’t know how I lived without it. Had had thoughts of making something like this myself and then I saw it on Not sure that I needed both the snuggly cover and this. seems that if you’re getting this ‘hanger’ for the hose, you don’t need the snuggly cover. cover just adds weight.”

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It is Great!

26 February 2010 Categories: Testimonials

(5 out of 5) by Mary B, San Francisco, CA

I’ve been on CPAP for 4 years now. I’ve always tethered my hose to a desktop lamp using a stretchy headband and I thought that was fine. But I finally broke down and bought the “CPAP Hose Lift System” and I have to say that it is great! Very lightweight, unobtrusive and best of all I can toss and turn all night without any tugging of the hose on my mask. I wish I would have gotten this several years ago.

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Talk About Sleep review

20 February 2010 Categories: Testimonials

Tracy from “Talk About Sleep

It works! Plain and Simple and CHEAP.
unlike other brands at $60-$80.
It took me 30 seconds to assemble, and I am easily confused!
It rotates easily, so swing toward headboard which keeps excess tubing further out of the way. Reduces tubing pull on mask which can cause mask leak and discomfort. No more fighting with your tubing in the middle of the night.
Helps reduce “rain out” effect with humidification use, as it keeps tubing in vertical position so no/less excess condensation dripping back in to your mask.
A ground spike is available by special order for campers!
Top loop that suspends hose accommodates well for even the bulkiest tubing cover you may use – UNLIKE some other brands with narrow clips that won’t work with ANY tubing cover.
Comes with bag to carry for travel – the whole system folds down flat to approx 5″ X 7″.
I love it when products WORK and are AFFORDABLE

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