Edward Baxter

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Ed Baxter

Ed Baxter

Edward Baxter, a graduate Architectural Engineer out of UT Austin and retired from commercial contracting, was shown to wake 27 times per hour in his 2001 sleep study for obstructive sleep apnea.

Ed learned to drape his apnea CPAP system hose over his high headboard at home. But on his first trip away from home he had a sleepless stay in his motel room with his CPAP hose dragging on him and his mask all that night. And so, the concept of a portable hose support for both home & travel to keep the CPAP Hose overhead in bed – was born.

Ed started out with a provisional patent and went through several prototypes with a local manufacturer before securing a license with a large manufacturer of CPAP hose. He later secured a utility patent, trademark, and national phase patents for his product.

Ed Baxter in his 20's

Ed Baxter in his 20

When the original licensee failed to market his product, Ed became a distributor for that licensee to make sure the product was being marketed. Finally he went on his own with an offshore manufacturer. Today his new company Arden Innovations manufactures (through the offshore outsourcer) and wholesale distributes his CPAP Hose Lift to retailers and original equipment manufacturers throughout the USA and across the globe.

Ed’s other passions to inventing are: his children, dancing, grass court tennis (his is the only turf court in central Texas), gardening, sailing, travel, and poetry.

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