Suggested techniques to increase awareness of this new CPAP convenience product

Display the BedSide CPAP Table on your Home Page, on re-current occasions.

  • Develop multiple avenues by which your customers can Find the BedSide CPAP Table on your website (under the Accessories and the Supplies tabs; under the Comfort tab; under the Travel tab).
  • Use your shopping cart software to “pop-up” the BedSide CPAP Table for like purchase consideration, whenever a related product (such as a new CPAP Machine, or CPAP Hose Lift) is purchased.
  • Physically display the BedSide CPAP Table  in your facility, along side a supply of the tri-fold brochures for your customers to take home, to study or share with a loved one, relative or friend.
  • Display a printed copy of the 30 day money back satisfaction Guarantee offered on all Arden Innovation products.
  • Send email notices, or the tri-fold brochures, to your existing customer list, highlighting the product benefits of the BedSide CPAP Table.
  • Post articles and testimonials about the BedSide CPAP Table in forums, CPAP chat rooms, or your website.