Don’t leave home without it

Allen W, CO – December 02, 2014

Initially I was skeptical. However, I recently traveled to the Big Apple, and took my CPAP Table with me. The place I stayed had no night stand or any type of table. The Bedside CPAP Table lived up to its billing. It assembles in a snap, and its base is very sturdy. It is long enough to easily fit under the mattress and box springs. TSA didn’t bat an eye when they noticed it in my CPAP bag. I also use it at home, along with my with the CPAP Hose Life System for Travel and Home, and both have made life much simpler. I even go my night stand at home back to use for its intended purpose. It’s obvious much R&D went into this product before being offered to the public. Great investment.

Great new Arden product

Andrew M, Houston TX – December 03, 2014

I took my Bedside CPAP Table with me on a recent trip and had need of it 3 of the 5 places I stayed; wrong location of electric outlets / nightstands were easily “fixed” with my new Bedside CPAP Table. I use it constantly at home, too – for it not only frees up my nightstand, but also reduces the machine light and noise, because it puts the cpap down below the mattress top. And the machine buttons are easier to reach with it close by under away there, too. I have found both my CPAP Hose Lift and Bedside CPAP Table are as Arden says: essential elements to CPAP home & travel therapy.

Excellent Product

Paul G, TX – January 03, 2015

This is a very neat solution to the problem of there being no nightstand conveniently located. The table works well and seems very stable. It dis-assembles easily to pack and doesn’t take up much space. An excellent product.


Susan O, TX – January 15, 2015

This table works great, easy setup and works great with my CPAP Hose Holder. I travel quiet often and have struggled with in the past with something appropriate to set my unit on when away from home. Thank You!


Bradley B, FL – January 17, 2015

This was very easy to set up and use. Since i’ll be keeping it in place i taped the connections so they won’t pull apart by accident. Now i have my night stand back and room for phone and things. Very nice product.

This table performs all I ask of it

Sheila K. United Kingdom – January 31, 2015

I bought this bedside table expecting it to be of similar construction to the hose lift, which I consider is perfect for that purpose. However, this is much more substantial, yet still small and light when folded up. It’s easy to set up, and readily holds my ResMed S9 with humidifier. I thought it might require my all too substantial weight on the mattress to prevent it from tipping over, but the design construction is such that there is sufficient length under the mattress to ensure this does not happen. There is even a bungee cord to secure the machine on the table, though I think this is not essential unless you have an exceptionally light machine, or perform acrobatics during your cpap induced rem sleep. This table will prove invaluable when traveling, and will ensure my bedroom cabinet looks so much neater at home. My only criticisms are that it does not have room for a cup of coffee or glass of wine unless I remove my humidifier, and my grandson will not be able to use it as a climbing frame. To be precise, this table performs all I ask of it, fitting easily in my ResMed bag along with all my other paraphernalia. And now I’ve bought it, I’ve got it ready for my luxury retirement traveling the world, albeit being in 10 years time!

Much better than expected

Ed S, TN – February 13, 2015

I had doubts about the strength of this product but so far (1 week) it has been great and very stable.

Great for travel

Steve C, TX – March 3, 2015

I use this for travel. It is easy to break down and reassemble, and holds my CPAP securely.

Very handy travel table

Kathleen Y, AK – April 7, 2015

This table is very light (one pound?), and requires no tools to put together. I’m using it for the first time and it went together in a jiffy, and works great. A great design!