CPAP Hose Lift Stand Alone Unit

Suspends your CPAP Tubing Overhead, Rotates with sleep movement, and thus, Eliminates the Hose Hassle inherent with All CPAP systems. It is essentially “the 4th element” of every CPAP System.

‘Including a Hook, upon which your hung mask will magically swivel out of your way, when a  twist is placed into the hose, upon first assembly.

‘Folding, yet always gathered parts, weighing only 6.5 oz (185 g), allows the travel bagged unit: 9”x 5” x 1” (23 x 13 x 3 cm) to hitch a ride with the smallest CPAP Systems now made.

Great at home & travel – slipping under and secured by any and all mattress systems.

Additional photos of the product can be seen in this website at Distributor Information / Brochure Photos & Logos page.

Accessories are available from the Manufacturer: a Fixed Base, a Ground Spike, and Hooks (for previous versions sold without). See Accessories under CPAP Hose Lift tab.

Use of the CPAP Hose Lift increases compliant use of one’s CPAP System
as it reduces 1] p-traps in the hose which collect rain-out during humidifier use,
and 2] loss of mask-to-face-seal caused by tugging of an unsuspended hose.

Manufacturer:  Arden Innovations.

Patent Pending